Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Joys of Multi- Tasking

     If your anything like me your currently going through the stress of preparing for finals, I know that my beauty routine goes out the window on weeks like these. I trade in my lip gloss for a few more minutes of sleep and forgo my nail polish obsession in exchange for an extra 20 minutes of study time. Now that this week is coming to an end and our study time will mostly be confined to the solitudes of our rooms, kitchens or any other make shift study area lets use this time to not only work our way to the ultimate goal of a bright shiny A, but also better skin, better hair and better nails.

Better Skin: Why not grab some plain yogurt from your fridge and give yourself a cheap, at home face mask? Apply for ten minutes, rinse off with warm water, apply your moisturizer afterwards and I promise your skin will feel refreshed and unbelievably soft! 

Better Hair: Ladies, put down your flat iron, unplug the blow dryer and step away from the curling iron. If there was ever a week to give your hair a break from its usual styling its finals week! A week without a hot tool and your hair will be thanking you, instead opt for messy buns and braids that will not only be stylish but even give you the added perk of being able to sleep in.

Better Nails. Olive Oil! My obsession with wearing nail polish has also encouraged me to take better care of my nails, especially my cuticles. Rubbing a little olive oil on your cuticles and letting it soak for 5 minutes will not only improve the appearance of your nails but also help make your nails grow! 

Good Luck on Final Gals! 



  1. Awesome tips Jackie! You are definitely the person I go to for beauty tips :D
    Cannot wait to see the revamped blog!

  2. Awesome tips. Definitely going to try a few of these out :)